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DJ Armonix

Swiss Psychedelic Trance Dj

Dj Armonix

Dj Armonix is Irian Benedetti from Switzerland, born and grew up in a little village located in the southern part of his country, he has always been very fascinated by music in every its expressions; but the most important musical contact in his life was back in 2004 during a little party in the swiss alps where he got infected by the mystical side of psychedelic sounds. Nowadays, playing dj sets since 2006, he usually plays at parties all around Switzerland and even in the nearbye countries like Italy, Austria, Netherlands and Germany and he has shared the stage with many worldwide recognized artists like Midimal, DayDin, Neelix, Haridasa, Sun Project, Naked Tourist, DNA, Materia, Solar System, Psymmetrix, Parasense, playing at big events like Psychedelic Experience (Ger), Forgotten Ritual (CH), Timegate (CH), Modular Synergy (ITA), Solstice Festival (HOL), Digital Waves Festival (CH), and many others . His music style can be described as fluid full on with fat clear basses and atmospheric soundscapes, filled with blending grooves and hypnotic melodies, but he also likes playing a more progressive sound and even some experimental stuff on the chillfloors. He has recently joined forces with Solar Tech Records, Germany based label; so watch out, there will be some appereances abroad and his firts release: V.A. – Solar Tribes compiled by Armonix & Natron is out now on worldwide distributors and his first solo compilation: VA Solar Science will be out soon, so stay tuned and don’t miss the upcoming solar tech’s releases

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