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Dj Tivo & Ollom

We are the brain-drift-brothers

Dj Tivo “is Michael W. (29) from Schwerin in northern Germany. With the age of 15, he attended the first psychedelic trance parties, and this music has fascinated him so that he soon began to collect them and therefore hang up. Since 2005, he played at numerous parties where he presented fresh and crisp sound. After a more than successful year 2008 which he played together with artists lik e Skazi, Sirius Isness, Bliss and Naked Tourist, he picked up his younger brother “dj Ollom” and start from this date as a DJ team “Tivo and Ollom” .. In the same year they founded with two friends the ForRest explosion crew and start to organize their own events if they have enough time in addition to the numerous bookings. The device of both : “pure and serious psychedelic trance” spread quickly around and also around the quirk to mix exclusively with original CDs and always presenting the latest sound was well received by various agencies. Names such as Earthdance, Goanation, Psychedelic Experience, and Sommernachtstraum were read frequently in there booking list.. As co-organizer of ForRest explosion events, the publicity grew quite quickly and the two were able to record bookings with Psytrance legends such as Bim, Earthling, Electric Universe, Materi, Ital and others. Another important step was celebrated by joining forces with label boss DJ Natron of Solartech Records and its newcomer Waio that probably most appropriate reinforcement for the now four-digit attendance Event Sommernachtstraum. The spark was quickly over, and so was clear to both sides that they both joined Solartech Records to continue high quality and top latest psychedelic trance. Cooperation with Solartech records stood from the beginning under a lucky star, and you’re allowed to, in future, still looking forward to massive performances of the label and DJ team “Tivo & Ollom”