CeZZers EP “You Are What You Hear”


The dynamic Psytrance duo CeZZers is back with an all new EP entitled “You Are What You Hear,” featuring two brand new, innovative tracks set to catapult listeners into previously unknown regions of space, rhythm, and harmony! The EP starts out with the release titled track, “You Are What You Hear.” The track opens with a musically diverse, humorous, and psychedelic intro. But this quickly gives way to deep ethereal melodies, atmospheric psychedelic sounds, and relentless thumping grooves. The style and vibe is something unique, and somehow seductive. Next, “And What You See” continues the deep, driving grooves – and pumps up the psychedelic energy with a plethora of strangely familiar samples, swirling psychedelic soundscapes, and a neverending supply of stimulating textures to tickle the psyche. The unique sound of CeZZers shines brightly in each of these tracks, creating a lot of excitement for the future of these fantastic new artists! So grab your copy of CeZZers’ new EP, “You Are What You Hear” today on Solar Tech Records!

Soundcloud Preview