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Madness Express

Express to madness?

Madness Express is Elvis Barba Souto from Spain, and resident in the south of Switzerland. Born the morning of November 18th 1993, his passion for music production began at almost 19 years old, (2012) when he discovered the new taste of Psychedelic Music. From that moment on, he fell in love and realized that’s what he really wanted to do. Since then he’s always trying to learn about music production, improving, and creating a style that best represents his own vision. Two years later, in August 2014, Madness Express was born. In February 2015, he released his first EP entitled “Compliactions” under the Californian based label, Goa Records. In June 2015 a special single track EP called “Over and Over” got released by the renowned Ovnimoon Records. In August 2015 he released his third EP “About Brain” which climbed immediately the position #9 in the Beatport Top 100 Psy-Trance Releases. During 2015 Madness Express has been working hard to add more power, elegance, and spirituality to his style. And now, Madness Express joins the world renowned international Psytrance label, Solar Tech Records – where you can look forward to many releases to come! Expect everything!

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