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18 years old and already so talented

Nenorm is the solo Psychedelic Trance project of Dmitri Prosolov – originally from Russia. Currently, Dmitri is living in Korinthos, a rural area in Greece. His musical interests began with the guitar and metal/rock driven music. However, this all changed when he first encountered the Electronic Dance Music scene. Of all the styles within electronic music, he became beguiled by the sounds of psychedelic music. He started listening to it more and more – and became inspired to start his own project. At first he just made music for fun, but after a while he started taking Psytrance music production more seriously. After three years of hard training the Nenorm project was created, and he released his first EP called ‘Triptamine’ on Eclipse Records. Starting 2016 off with a bang, Nenorm has found a home at Solar Tech Records – the revered Psychedelic Trance record label from Germany. Expect a plentiful supply of new releases from Nenorm coming soon on Solar Tech Records!

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