At the end of the first decade of the new millennium the influence of contemporary club music on the Psy Trance scene is omnipresent: More and more producers from all the different corners of this style take up elements from Minimal and Techno. Others turn to very poppy melodies which unfortunately has a negative impact on the psychedelic deepness of the music.

In this situation Solar Tech Records very consciously defines itself as an innovative platform for classical Psy Trance sounds in 2008. Without peering at recent trends, label founder DJ Natron is engaged in keeping up and promoting the original idea of this music. The result is driving dance music with a proper dose of thrill and piles of deep and psychedelic moments but without getting poppy, kitschy or hectic at any time.

Laugi aka Natron gathered lots of experience not only as a long-year DJ but also as promoter of the popular Hamburg-based party series “Intact Expanda” and therefore developed a sophisticated feeling for the vibe of the scene. Solar Tech’s sound refers to new generation of artists that unites its local influences of the Trance hot spots South Africa, the UK, South America and Hamburg to an ever exciting and refreshing new mixture: Pushing dance music which makes your feet dancing and your mind floating in the club as well as on a sunlit dance floor of an open air festival!