CeZZers — Solar Tech Records


Hybrid Psygressive Trance

CeZZers is a psychedelic electronic experience in which sound is manipulated to create an engulfing trancendent atmosphere, fit to drive any dance floor around the world to the highest points of energy. Born in the Center of Israel, the project is the vision of Arie Siluk & Ran Shalev, two talented musicians with experience in and out of the studio. Preforming on stages from New York all the way to Israel, what sets CeZZers apart from the rest of electronic music scene, is a style they call Hybrid Progressive Trance which results from the collision between deep soul lifting harmonies and massive ground breaking beats. Harmonies written and synthesized from live musical instruments, and vocals recorded in the CeZZers studio help create a base for their music, and a no compromise attitude towards every sound ensures a clean and understandable story with every track. CeZZers strive to ignite new levels of energy through their performances and rely on the warm sound of live instruments for that purpose: guitars, synthesizers, didgeridoo, and vocalists are used regularly. Now the guys join the world renowned Psychedelic Trance label, Solar Tech Records – where you can look forward to many releases to come from CeZZers!

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