Chabunk — Solar Tech Records


Psychedelic & Progressive Trance from South Africa

Chabunk is Gareth from Cape Town, who has been producing psytrance since 2004. Currently with Solar Tech Records in Germany, he is also a resident artist for Groovy Troopers.
Chabunk has played at many of the top festivals in South Africa, such as Origin Festival, Vortex, Groovy Troopers, Earthdance, Alien Safari as well as many of the popular indoor events such as Labyrinth, Rhino Room, Psynopticz & many more.
His sound is best described as “Minimal Fullon”, but always ensuring the tracks keep the psychedelic nature. His love for electronic music is great, and he is constantly striving towards uplifting new sounds, that sometimes cross over the barrier to other genres of electronic music.
Over the past few years Chabunk has released a number of tracks over various V/A compilations, including his debut EP, Southern Wave.

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