Natron — Solar Tech Records


AKA Laugi – Psytrance DJ and Solar Tech Records Head

DJ Natron aka Laugi was born in the Northeast of Germany in November of 1983, and has been living in Hamburg since 2001. Psytrance began enticing him in 1999, loving the laughing people on the dance floors and the music which put them into meditation. He also started to DJ in 2002 and went from organising his first small open air event in 2004 to organising IntactXpanda in Hamburg every winter and the Psychedelic Experience Open Air every year in May as well.

His contribution to the quest for the original psytrance sound was founding his own label Solar Tech Records in March of 2009. Its motto already says it all: “Serious Psytrance.”

Through many ups and downs, thankful for the support of his family and friends DJ Natron keeps playing music in between progressive and full on, at 140-145 bpm. He values high quality and perfection, with a progressive touch and pumping basslines intended to make people fly. He has had some memorable sunset and sunrise sets at all the larger European festivals.

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