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Pondora is a project that got its start in the beginning of 2016, consisting of Israeli musicians Alon Swissa and Shay Yosef. It didn’t take long for the duo to become successful internationally, and the two created several hits and started to really establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the psytrance world.

On their rise to the top, the members of Pondora have had the opportunity to work with world class artists like Skazi and Ranji, their original tracks and remixes have had millions of views and listens, and they have had the opportunity to tour several continents with their act.

Pondora’s secret sauce is a powerful combination of ethnic music and a psychedelic progressive sound, with truly unique and mind-blowing drops that will drive any crowd wild! We at Solar Tech Records can’t wait to see this act continue to thrive as a part of our team.ecial sound you can hear by the first second to the end of the set with combining of ethnic music and psychedelic Progressive sounds and drops that only they know how to do.

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