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Shivax combines the very best of his various musical influences to create a unique psychedelic trance style.

Israeli born Yanai Jascourt has been passionate about music since childhood.
His never ending musical curiosity lead to his discovery of trance at age 18, after which he left his heavy metal band and started producing electronic music.

Shivax started in 2013, originally as the product of Yanai’s old-school trance influences.
His early albums are characterized by Goa trance sounds, with some influences from other genres that inspired him.

In 2015 Yanai returned from India where he had played a number of sets, and his project started to expand worldwide. Shivax started to include live guitar performances in his act, getting recognition in countries like Israel, Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, France and Mexico.

The “rebirth” of Shivax started in 2017 assuming a new direction and style, a fusion of psytrance genres, focusing on quality sound and production value.

Focusing on fresh and exciting new music, touring the world with his guitar,
Shivax spreads psychedelic rock n’ roll vibes that will further revolutionize the scene. We at Solar Tech look forward to joining Shivax on his journey to further success.

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