Atacama is back with an all new EP entitled, “Critical Fusion.” Critical Fusion includes three unbelievable tracks that take the listener on a journey through a multitude of different textures and soundscapes. The EP begins with the title track – a groovy, driving, progressive track that drives the listener into a deep trance through a gradual and deliberate progression. This track emphasizes ethereal textures, methodical percussion, and driving acid lines. The next track, “Time Back To Infinity” picks up where the first left off, this time with a more funky bass groove. This in an infectious track that instantly sucks listeners in. Along with this infectious groove, the track includes a myriad of different soundscapes and textures – driven by mysterious and emotional melodies. The EP finishes off with a remix by Hatikwa to the title track, “Critical Fusion.” Hatikwa puts their unique spin on the original track with a more minimal and groovy take on the original. The vibe is a bit lighter, and provides plenty of space for the dancer to expand both physically and mentally. Together these three tracks make an excellent addition to any Psytrance collection, so grab your copy today – and look forward to much more from Atacama on Solar Tech Records!