Atacama is back with an all new EP, “Cycle Of Existence;” coming to dancefloors around the world on Solar Tech Records! The EP starts out with the release titled, “Cycle Of Existence.” The track begins with an enveloping and atmospheric intro leading into a grinding powerful rolling bassline.

The track is filled to the brim with sounds and atmospheres – drawing listeners in with emotionally psychedelic soundscapes. The track is relentless, only letting up for short durations to give dancers a breath before getting right back into powerful driving grooves. Next up, “Tricks” keeps the groove intense and the psychedelic energy high! The track brings listeners deeper the trance story began previously – and accents with lots of psychedelic noises and darker emotions. The third and final track on the EP is Atacama’s remix to Zyce’s hit track, Apollo 13.”

Atacama takes the intense vibe of the original and reinterprets it through his own unique language. Melodies, grooves, and tetures combine to create something truly magical and enveloping. The track is a bit more subdued on the groove side, but deeply psychedelic and atmospheric – perfect to make dancefloors lose their minds! “Cycle Of Existence” represents the next step forward in Atacama’s unique and alluring sound. With tight production, unique stories, and hauntingly deep atmospheres – this EP is a must have for DJs and dancers alike!