Atacama is back with an all new EP entitled, “Microscopium.” Appropriately titled, this EP presents listeners with two precision crafted masterpieces – every detail from the most minute to the most bold soundscapes have been created to give you a truly deep and authentic musical experience. The EP opens with a remix of Darma & Egorythmia’s hit track “Patterns Of The Universe.” 

Atacama adds their unique touch to this opus, and has created something that takes on a life of its own independent of the original. This track is driving, deep, and hypnotic. Psychedelic soundscapes are in abundance and come into fine focus while being framed with hypnotic progressive grooves. Next, the release titled “Microscopium” takes the mood a bit lighter. This track is more uplifting and light hearted – and yet maintains crunchy psychedelic atmospheres, and intelligence soundscapes. Melodies lift you and swirl upward into the heavens – making this an absolutely perfect track for peak daytime festival hours. So grab your copy today on Solar Tech Records!