The EP “Crashing Waves” from Audiomode consists of four intriguing tracks that all combine interesting note sequences with the typical offbeat bassline of progressive psytrance.

The first track of the release is named “The Rain.” This piece is a nice laid back embarkation into the EP and demonstrates the skilled sound design of the producer.

The second track of the EP, “Crashing Waves,” shares its name with the release itself. With this tune things start getting a bit more energetic and lively.

The third track, “Watch Me,” also embodies this energy, and captivates its listener with the repetition of unique and unconventional vocal samples.

The fourth and final track is called “The One I Loved.” This track uses vocal samples more like sound effects in a very contemporary way while also including some melodic elements.

“Crashing Waves” will be out on Solar Tech Records on June 2nd 2020.