We at Solar Tech are happy to present a brand new EP from Audiomode, with three progressive tracks perfect for those dark club nights we hope to be experiencing again soon.”

The release itself, and the first track on it, is called “In Your Eyes.” With an offbeat bassline and copious playful vocal samples, this driving, rhythmic musical piece is a great one to initiate this journey with.

Just like the first track, “Age of Time,” the second tune of the EP, throws down a smacking offbeat bassline and a captivating rhythm. What gives this piece uniqueness is the repetitive metallic beating sounds running through the track. “Age of Time” washes over you, retreats and then washes over you again, making it both dynamic and compelling.

The final track of the release is called “D.A.S One.” This tune continues on the offbeat, progressive journey started by its companions. It is simultaneously delicate and powerful, with harmonically intriguing elements.

“In Your Eyes” will be out on Solar Tech Records on June 24th 2021.