Veteran producer Brainiac is back with an all new EP, “Solar Remixes” coming out on Solar Tech Records! The appropriately titled release includes two remixes by Brainiac of well known Solar Tech favorites. The EP starts out with a remix of Breathead’s ‘XGYZ.’ The remix presents deep, pounding Full-On grooves, and twisted high energy soundscapes ready to set dancefloors off around the globe. Next on the menu, a remix of Broken Toy’s ‘Nu Metro.” The remix is another Full-On psychedelic opus, presenting listeners with another high energy psychedelic journey framed by intense basslines, driving high energy percussion, and a psychedelic story that is sure to melt just about anybody’s brain! So get ready for the ride of a lifetime, as Brainiac and Solar Tech present you the next step in Full-On Psychedelic Trance!