Chabunk is back with an all new EP entitled, “Monsta Under The Bed.” With a steady stream of releases over the last few years, Chabunk has grown to become one of today’s hottest acts in the Progressive Psychedelic Trance music scene. The new EP includes two tracks.

The first, the release titled, “Monsta Under The Bed,” presents listeners with an intelligent, clean, and groovy opus of psychedelic dance energy. The track drives with Chabunk’s signature groove sound, and sparkles with goa influenced synth lines and modern technical percussion. Next, Chabunk remixes Darma’s hit track “Fire Source.” The track is heavy, driving, and outlandish in its tone and energy. It takes the dramatic melodic energy of the original track, and draws it out for an emotionally rich and explorative journey. The remix keeps the grooves somewhat subdued as if hiding a deeper power that peaks out from beneath the surface.

The two tracks together present the next step in Chabunk’s musical career, and are soon to be hits on dancefloors worldwide!