Chabunk is back with their all new EP, “Necessary Addiction.” The release starts off with an intense and driving remix to Atacama’s track ‘Spooky Disco.’ This is a tight grooving track designed to set dance floors ablaze with enthusiasm and energy! As the track title suggests, this track is loaded with spooky and dark atmospheres – fused with fun and impeccably driving grooves designed to keep you moving nonstop. The second track on this EP, the release titled “Necessary Addiction” is an ethereal and moody journey littered with fine details and acid lines galore. This track brings back vibes reminiscent of oldschool acid, and fuses it with today’s modern Progressive sound. Together these tracks make up the next step in Chabunk’s already impressive musical journey. So grab your copy today, and look forward to much more from Chabunk coming soon on Solar Tech Records!