Chabunk, the amazing talent from Cape Town is happy to present his new EP, “Rah” – coming to a dancefloor near you on Solar Tech Records! Always keeping things fresh with a steady stream of new and interesting releases, Rah continues the tradition with two brand new tracks that are sure to become instant hits with Progressive and Psytrance fans everywhere! The EP starts with “Hidden Light,” a deeply funky, driving, and techie Progressive power track. The groove is relentless and complimented with techie tribal drum beats, and intense energetic synths and soundscapes. Creating one of those rare perfect genre fusions, “Hidden Light” stands out as a unique and special track.

Next up, the release titled “Rah” takes things in a different direction. Keeping the techie influence, the track start with a spaced out funky groove, and builds gradually into a driving Psytrance bassline. The vibe is intense in this track, as melodic synths and unique psychedelic textures blend to create an emotional landscape like no other. The attention to detail is apparent in the track writing here. Every phrase presents something new and interesting for dancers – making this track perfect for peak time Progressive dancefloors.

The vibe, intensity, and tight grooves combine to create something truly special and magnificent. Together these tracks represent the next step forward in Chabunk’s already accomplished musical career. The attention to detail and production prowess is abundantly clear in these punchy, extremely hard-hitting tracks! So grab your copy today, and look forward to a lot more coming from Chabunk soon!