Hot off the heels of his previous release, Chabunk is back again with their fourth EP on Solar Tech Records entitled, “Transmutenstein.” Following the precedent laid down in his previous EP, “Transmutenstein” pushes the envelope even further into the sounds of deep Progressive Psychedelic Trance. This new EP includes two brand-new, previously unreleased tracks. The first track, “Powerdown” is a deep, chugging, psychedelic groove. Soundscapes are full in this one, with an abundance of psychedelic soundscapes, melodic synth lines, and attention paid to every detail. “Powerdown” takes the sound fans know and love from Chabunk’s previous work, and transforms it into a progressive opus which is sure to deliver massive vibes on dance floors. Next, the release-titled “Transmutenstein” comes in with a deep, pumping, off-beat driven groove. The familiar Chabunk sound is there, especially in the leads and soundscapes. This track gives listeners something a little bit different from the Chabunk they already know and love, but keeps all the original pieces intact; which is sure to keep fans more than happy! Both tracks pack impeccable production quality and attention to detail. Every sound and stab has been sequenced to maximize emotional response, and to make dancers lose themselves! Both of these tracks are sure to become familiar sounds on progressive dance floors around the globe! Grab this release while it’s hot, and be sure to stay tuned for more releases from Chabunk in the near future!

Chabunk is Gareth Webb, originally from Cape Town, South Africa. Gareth has been producing Psychedelic Trance music since 2004, and has played at many of the largest psychedelic music festivals around the globe!