Solar Tech Records is proud to present a brand new EP from veteran producer, Corona! Famous for his dirty, driving grooves, and nonstop psychedelic power – this EP delivers on all fronts, with the perfect ratio of psychedelic and musical elements to please Psytrance fans all over the globe! Starting off with his track titled, “25” – the pure, raw, psychedelic power is apparent. This track is driven by a dirty, pounding bassline. These elements are highlighted by subtle melodies and acid sounds reminiscent of Goa Trance. And the final finishing touches are a vast array of psychedelic sounds and textures – sure to keep the mind and body active at all times! Next, the release titled “Mass Ejection” drives forward with more pounding tribal grooves, but brings the mood to something a bit lighter and uplifting – perfect for those joyous daytime moments on the psychedelic trance-floor! The quality is impeccable, and the diversity and range displayed demonstrate Corona’s vast years of experience producing electronic music. Together these tracks make this new EP a must-have for DJ’s and music enthusiasts of all sorts!