The Israeli duo behind FUNK TRUCK are happy to present their brand new EP, “Shapeless Forms;” fresh for 2015! This new EP marks their debut release on their new home label, Solar Tech Records – one of today’s leading Psychedelic Trance labels! The EP starts out with the track, „Shapeless Forms;“ a richly constructed and unique progressive psychedelic chugger.

The group’s distinctive sound is apparent from the get go. “Shapeless Forms” fuses Funk Truck’s unique signature melodies and tight progressive grooves into an immensely fun package; absolutely suited for the dancefloor! Second on the EP, “You F O” puts a darker twist on the Funk Truck sound. The track immediately sucks listeners in with uniquely ethereal psychedelic atmospheres comprised of techie percussive sounds, melodic accents, and psychedelic soundscapes galore. “You F O” finishes off with a driving techie groove that is sure to lift dance floors to new heights of dance euphoria! Together the two tracks that make up this EP are both unique in their own right, and present music fans with something that truly demonstrates Funk Truck as a dynamic project capable of achieving many different emotions and moods through a variety of engineering and musical approaches.

This is a must have release for any fan of high quality Psychedelic Trance! Look forward to lots more coming from Funk Truck this year on Solar Tech Records!