Solar Tech Records is proud to present the brand new, cutting edge, “Strange Things” EP from Goa and Psytrance legend, Hux Flux. The EP presents three brand new tracks, including two originals and a remix of “Imaginary Friends” by fellow producer Undercover. The EP opens with the release titled track, “Strange Things.” The track combines deep, brooding, driving basslines, intermixed with ripping percussion, psychedelic, swirling sound effects, and vocal hooks – making this a sure-fire dance floor hit! Moving into the second track, Hux Flux’s remix of Undercover’s “Imaginary Friends.” Hux Flux takes the tempo up a notch, and charges forward with deep, earth shaking basslines, Goa infused acid-lines, cinematic pacing, and nonstop driving energy. As a finisher, Hux Flux presents another original, “He Vanished.” This track is infectious from start to finish. “He Vanished” combines: a seductive melodic vibe, funkadelic and driving grooves, spotless production, and an innumerable number of small but important details. The result is something fantastic! Altogether these three tracks present a diverse range of modern psychedelic trance sounds that embrace the new, but also pay homage to the old. You don’t want to miss this one – grab your copy today!