Introducing iTone’s newest EP entitled, “Deep In The Down,” this release sets itself apart from the pack with: ground breaking production, precision arrangements, alluring grooves, and lush soundscapes. The release includes two previously unreleased tracks. First, iTone presents listeners with an original track – appropriately titled “Deep In The Down.” This track is deep, brood, moody, and psychedelic. Framed with a pumping progressive groove, this track is perfectly crafted to create “that perfect dance floor vibe.” Continuing where “Deep In The Down” leaves off, iTone has remied fellow producer Polaris’s track Earthcore. This is another brooding deep track with a spongy and funky groove. iTone keeps the vibes serious and focused completely on making you move. Together these tracks are another oustanding addition to iTone’s record of hits. Look forward to much more from iTone coming on Solar Tech Records!