Solar Tech Records is very happy to present the debut EP, “Tomahawks,” from label artist, Kriya. Kriya, also known as Dave Boekholt is originally from Amsterdam, and currently lives in his studio based in Schagen, The Netherlands. This outstanding artist, has been active in the psychedelic music scene as a DJ, and a party/festival organizer since 1995; shortly after his very first Psychedelic Trance festival experience. After playing at many of the top dance music festivals around the globe, Dave decided it was time to start making some music of his own. His new EP “Tomahawks” includes two brand new original tracks. First, “Panorama” takes listeners on a deep, seductictive, and hypnotic psychedelic journey. Accented by subtle melodies, precision stabs, psychedelic noises and soundscapes, “Panorama” is sure to please festival goers around the globe. Next, a collaboration with fellow producer, “Mr Peculiar,” the title track of the EP “Tomahawks” presents listeners with a groovy, funky, and progressive psychedelic stomper. Never lacking depth, class, or polish, both of these tracks are sure to become instant classics with DJs and dancers on all corners of the earth!
Tulk – Music Graffiti EP (Solar Tech Records, 2013)
Written by: Steven Kahn