Liquid Viking is back, adding another 4 excellent tracks to his already jam packed portfolio of productions, with his latest EP “Physical Universe.”

The release starts off with a funky, energetic track carrying the same name as the collection itself. With clever vocal hits creating lots of rhythm, along with those classically psychedelic Liquid Viking sounds, this piece sets an excellent tone for the EP.

We continue on the journey with “Fractal Energy,” which manages to take you to a virtual dream land with its beautiful vibes and energy builds.

The third track “Mohan” takes us further down the dreamy road with beautiful progressive beats and melodies. Otherworldly pluck sounds lift you up and excite your senses.

We finally swing into the final track of the EP, called “Psychedelic.” A simple name for a hard hitting track in the signature Liquid Viking style.

Be sure to pick up a copy of “Physical Universe,” which will be out on Solar Tech Records on January 22nd 2019.