Liquid Viking is bringing us another jam-packed EP this fall. With 4 high quality tracks he allows us to explore several different corners of his mind and his creativity.

The EP starts off with an exciting track called “Bring the noise.” Although consistent, and containing vocal samples that tie the piece together, it piques interest with its compelling build up and changing bassline.

The second track, “Skydance,” impresses with its unique instrument choices, its movement and its backbone.

“Standing Taller” also has a bassline that will intrigue you. Along with excellent atmospheres and effects, it will take you on a versatile journey.

The final track is called “Bad Girl.” And this bad girl has some real darkness in her. With a sense of eeriness, as well as some heavy effects and drums sounds, the listener will be taken down to the depths with this track.

Liquid Viking’s EP “Skydance” will be out on Solar Tech Records on November 24th 2022.