Rising Israeli Psytrance producer PerfecTone (aka Lior Saban) is proud to present his first full length album entitled, “New Content.” The album includes 10 brand original tracks. Each track has been impeccably sculpted to create perfect moments on the psychedelic trance-floor. Over the past couple of years, PerfecTone has maintained a consistent presence in the scene, releasing a steady stream of EPs, along with several single releases. Each track has demonstrated Lior’s ever growing musical prowess. His debut full length artist album is the product of these years of honing and development in the studio – along with his experiences rocking dance floors with his music around the globe! You know what they say… hard work pays off! Impeccable sound quality and impact is ever present on his album. Each track tells a new and unique story through a combination of: pulsating, funky, and driving grooves, eastern-inspired, ethereal melodies and chants, precise, in your face percussion, crunchy psychedelic sound effects, and haunting atmospheres that stay with you long after the album has finished playing. The sound and style is clearly tailored to the modern scene, combining the best of Progressive and Full-On Psytrance into a fusion that will make a wide variety of Psytrance fans happy. At the same time, PerfecTone maintains a unique character and feel throughout his album, assuring that each track will be remembered for years to come! This is truly a next generation classic! With support from some of the biggest artists in the industry, keep your ears peeled for all of these tracks at festivals – and look forward to performances from PerfecTone himself as he brings his unique sound to dance floors around the globe! Grab your copy of PerfecTone’s brand new album, “New Content” today on Solar Tech Records!