The exciting Psytrance act from Israel, PerfecTone is back with an all new EP entitled “Closure” on his home label, Solar Tech Records! The EP consists of two brand new tracks that are set to take dancefloors by storm! The EP starts out with PerfecTone’s remix of Anatomic’s hit track, “The Illusion.” This remix takes the hypnotic chanting vocals, drive, and emotion of the original, and reforms it into something new and unique. The vocals take on a more subtle touch when compared to the original, and the track maintains a serious psychedelic drive throughout. To follow up, PerfecTone collaborated with master producer Yahel to give us the release titled track, “Closure.” This track continues with the raw gritty drive and eastern style melodies – and further develops the sound with imposing psychedelic stabs, distinctive synths, and unique sound effects. This track effectively blends the twisted psychedelia of Psychedelic Trance with the blissful euphoria of Trance into a concoction that is sure to leave a lasting impact on dance floors on all corners of the globe – so grab your copy today!