Israeli Psytrance mastermind, PerfecTone, blasts off with an all new EP entitled, “Old Skull.” The EP starts off with a pounding and modern sounding remix to the Cosmosis classic, “Dance of The Cosmic Serpent.” This track is driving, psychedelic, and laced with sneaky and engaging melodies. It brings the classic Goa Trance arpeggios to the forefront, creating a perfect fusion of nostalgia and the modern. Next, PerfecTone continues the nostalgia trip with a remix to Shakta’s classic, “Lepton Head.” Fans of Goa and Psy Trance will instantly remember this classic. PerfecTone took the original, and again fused the old with the new. This remix maintains the classic Goa ambience that made the original so recognizable and loved, but implements today’s latest and most cutting edge production techniques to create something truly special! So what are you waiting for… grab your copy today from Solar Tech Records!