Brazilian producer “Rewind” is a master creator of atmospheres. With his latest EP he shows his ability to bring the listener to a different place and a different mindset with each one of his creations.

The EP begins with “200V,” a track with a remarkable give and take of energy, as well as a lot of exciting movement. This tune could surely be smashing a dancefloor or two in the near future.

Track two, “Distortion,” explores everything from techno-inspired minimalism, to big atmospheric sounds, to catchy oriental melodies. As the track grows bigger and bigger, it captivates and intrigues the listener.

The last track of the EP, titled “Spaceship,” exhibits a beautiful intergalactic energy that could take you to a galaxy far far away. It is a progressive psy masterpiece, and a perfect way for Rewind to cap off this wonderful new release.

“Distortion” will be out on Solar Tech Records on October 30th 2018.