Shockwave is happy to present the Psychedelic Trance scene with their brand new EP entitled “Future Self,” releasing on their home label, Solar Tech Records. “Future Self” consists of three brand new tracks, fresh out of the Shockwave studio. The first track “4th Dimension” starts immediately with: intense, high-energy Psychedelic Trance grooves, earth shaking basslines, and ethereal soundscapes that truly take listeners to the next dimension!

The track fuses different energies to create a psychedelic soup that combines powerful grooves, emotional melodies, and technically psychedelic soundscapes. The next track, “Contact” changes things up a bit – starting with a spaced out, funky groove with an electro tinge. The track takes listeners on a wild ride combing funky and driving Psychedelic Trance grooves with emotionally uplifting leads and crunchy psychedelic textures. The third track on the EP, the release titled “Future Self” is the darkest and most aggressive track on the release. The track begins with a ripping, driving incredibly psychedelic groove. The groove hardly lets up in this psychedelic opus. Sound textures collide to create a real treat crafted especially for the most psychedelic dancefloors!

Together these three tracks display the next step forward in Shockwave’s outstanding sound. With continually improving production and engineering techniques being applied to their tracks, expect to hear much more from Shockwave soon!