The duo SILENT SPHERE present to you their brand new EP, “Listen To Me,” coming to a dancefloor near you on Solar Tech Records! This new EP includes three brand new tracks, just pumping with energy! The first track “Decision” moves dancers with an earth shaking, pumping progressive groove – practically bleeding with psychedelic atmospheres and percussive textures galore. The track draws listeners into the peak of the track – an euphoric and emotional breakdown that truly demonstrates their unique musical talents.

Next, “Kisss The Moon” keeps the groove focused and driving. This is a track made to keep the dancefloor moving nonstop. Finally, the duo present a collaboration with DJ Akustik, the release titled “Listen To Me.” This track starts out with a bang; luring dancers in with an intense and in your face pumping progressive bass. The track climaxes into another spectacle of a Trance breakdown – again illustrating a unique understanding for musical emotion and melody. The EP as a whole presents the next leap forward in the fantastic careers of the duo, SILENT SPHERE!