Swiss Psytrance producers Silent Sphere are back with an all new EP featuring two cutting edge tracks ready to take the scene by storm! The EP entitled “Mysterious Island” is highly influenced by the modern progressive sound, but Silent Sphere infuses this with their unique brand of storylines, emotions, and grooves. The release titled, “Mysterious Island” is techie, smooth, and funky. The groove is infectious, with an electro-tinge to keep the body moving and grooving. Subtle melodies and emotions flourish throughout this track alongside cutting psychedelic stabs and tones. This track is upbeat, and fun throughout! The second track, “Lost In Soul” darkens things up a bit, with a more dire and serious tone throughout, but manages to keep it fun, smooth, and funky. This track likes to play with funky percussive grooves, psychedelic textures, and then fuses this with the nostalgic melodies and emotions of trance to create a full spectrum journey – and something quite unique in today’s musical landscape. These two amazing tracks are available exclusively from Solar Tech Records – grab your copy today!