Solar Tech Records is proud to present the debut EP from a brand new project, Spacebrothers! The EP entitled, “Silver Galaxy” includes two original tracks from the Spacebrothers. Starting off with the release titled, “Silver Galaxy” this EP is fun, unique, groovy, and driving! The track creates a unique and infectious bass groove – both funky and serious at the same time. Highlighted by a whirlwind of psychedelic sounds, nostalgic samples, and a compelling storyline – this track stands out as something truly special in today’s psychedelic trance scene. Second on the EP, “Walking To Mars” takes the vibe in a darker, edgier direction. Starting with a pounding, low octave bass groove, the track conveys its story with a smorgasbord of psychedelic acid sounds, haunting guitar riffs, and an overall feeling that pays homage to the roots of psychedelic trance music. Together, these tracks present the diverse sound capabilities of this outstanding new psytrance group. So stay tuned, and look forward to many more releases from Spacebrothers in the future!