Solar Tech Records is very proud to present the debut of a brand new Psytrance artist from Israel, TRIPO. Tripo is the musical alias of 25 year old Matan from Israel. He has been making and experimenting with music for 10 years, and is on a mission to create unique thematic dance floor oriented Psytrance. His debut EP presents listeners with two original tracks which define Tripo’s unique sound instantly. The release titled “Middle Eastern Nights” takes listeners on a journey framed with traditional middle eastern melodies and tribal drums fused with modern and driving psytrance. The result is something engulfing and fun all at the same time! Also included on the EP, “Trump It” is a bit more light hearted, if not humorous. The track hooks listeners with a fusion of strangely trumpet-esque synthesizers, cinematic soundscapes, and tribal drums. It again fuses these organic elements with modern and funky Psytrance grooves, and creates yet another dance floor hit! Together these tracks establish TRIPO as one of today’s most unique and promising new artists, and somebody that we should all be on the lookout for in the future! Grab your copy of his brand new “Middle Eastern Nights” EP today!