UNDERCOVER is the brand new project from two very well known and regarded Psychedelic Trance musicians; Adam Belo aka DARMA/HIPNOTIX and Almog Shmuel aka SOUNDWAVE.Their sound can best be described as a high-energy fusion of Progressive and Full-On Psychedelic Trance, with influences from Electro, Techno, and a mix of eclectic sounds infused for added variety. The result is something completely new and unique – a sound like no other!

Combining their many years of experience rocking dance floors around the globe, this new sound has been forged with the intention of creating the perfect dance experience. Undercover is generating waves throughout the global Psychedelic Trance scene – taking dancefloors to places they’ve never experienced before!

Living up to their name, Undercover has been in our midst this whole time… Little did we know what they were cooking up behind closed doors! Look out carefully for much more coming down the pipeline from UNDERCOVER! It may just hit you when you least expect it!