‘Solar Waves 3’ presents listeners with some of today’s hardest hitting, deeply technical, and driving Psychedelic & Progressive Trance. The collection features an assortment of today’s leading artists, many of which are part of the Solar Tech roster. The list includes Chabunk, Sonic Species, Silicon Sound, Corona, I-Tone, Hipnotix, Silent Sphere, Sinerider, Dragonboys, Tulk, Breathead, SHX, Hux Flux, Brainiac, Waio, and Dynalogic.

This includes many veterans of the scene as well as up and coming promising talent. Every track has been mixed to perfection, emphasizing high tech, cutting edge electronic music production and style.

This collection promises to be a go to source for dance floor pleasure, making it an absolute necessity for DJs, dancers, and all fans of high quality Psychedelic Trance.