Following the release of his debut EP, “Limited Options,” Vandeta is back with his second EP on Solar Tech this year, “Acid Machines.” Creatively charged Shlomi Inzimo, the 18 year old trance prodigy from Israel presents the next step in his exciting musical journey. The EP starts off the intensely groovy and emotional, “Machine With Emotion.” The track features uplifting and emotional melodies, high tech stabs and percussion, and seductive grooves and basslines that will keep dancers moving. Second, the release titled “Acid Machines” keeps the energy going strong, shifting toward more intense and aggressive soundscapes. This track is filled to the brim with acidy stabs, sweeping pads, driving basslines, and Goa inspired leads. Together the EP presents the modern standard in Progressive Psychedelic Trance music; making it a must have for all music lovers. Stay tuned for more from this strong up and coming artist from Israel, Vandeta!