The young talent from Israel, Vandeta returns with a brand new two track EP entitled, “Cosmic Archeology.” With a crisp driving sound that rides the border between Progressive and Full-On Psychedelic Trance, this EP sets a new precedent in the career of this outstandingly talented artist! The release titled track, “Cosmic Archeology” is funky, driving, and heavily laced with Goa inspired textures and melodies. The track is chalk full of scratchy acid lines, emotional melodic touches, and a driving unstoppable groove that will take dance floors to dancing bliss! The second track, “Radiation” continues where the first track leaves off. Listeners are instantly sucked in by ethereal Goa-Trance inspired melodies, atmospheres, and seductive acid stabs. The track builds the energy gradually, introducing layer after layer, and taking listeners on an aural journey like no other. Together these tracks make an oustanding addition in the collection of any fan of high quality and modern Psychedelic Trance music. So grab your copy today, and keep your ears fixed on the continual evolution of Vandeta on Solar Tech Records!