Solar Tech Records proudly presents Israeli artist Vandeta’s brand new EP, “Dancing Earth.” Consisting of three tracks, each one tells a unique story that takes the listener on a journey, and expresses a wide array of emotions. The EP kicks off with the release titled, “Dancing Earth.” This track is bursting at the seems with energy. It is driving, intense, and builds the energy carefully and methodically throughout the track. The combination of pounding, cutting edge Psytrance grooves, psychedelic textures, and eastern influenced melodies make this track a must have on the dance floor! Next, “Optical Irritation” takes the energy in a more funky, techie, subdued direction. This track maintains energy, emotion, and drive but keeps the mood a bit more “heads down” – perfect for those edgy gritty dance floor moments. To finish off the EP, “Unknown Destination” takes the energy and the tempo up a few notches. This track is driving, intense, and unstoppable. The combination of intelligently designed melodic synths, funky cutting edge basslines, and an edgy mysterious make “Unknown Destination” a true destroyer on the dance floor. Together these three tracks present the scene with the highest calibur production, unique sound design, and a fresh take on Psychedelic Trance. Grab your copy today!