Vandeta, the young musical protege from Israel returns with his new EP entitled “Other Planet,” coming to dancefloors from your friends at Solar Tech Records! The EP starts out strong with “Fuel System” – a driving and intense track with an abundance of psychedelic textures and samples. Next, Vandeta presents us with his remix of Ilai’s hit track “Feel Inside.” This is another heady, driving progressive stomper, further showcasing Vandeta’s talent for creating that perfect progressive psychedelic dance floor vibe. Finally, the release titled “Other Planet” delivers as promised with truly out of this world textures and acid lines, driving progressive grooves, and an infectious vibe that just won’t let up. Together these three tracks demonstrate the exemplary talent and growth of this young producer, with every release more impressive than the last. So grab yourself a copy of Vandeta’s new EP, “Other Planet,” and look forward to many more releases coming from Vandeta in the future!