Vandeta is back with a spirited new release from his homeland of Israel.

The first track of the EP has inspired the name of the release itself. “Savannah” has everything the lover of classic psychedelic music could possibly ask for. A bouncy bassline, a military march-like beat, and of course, the psytrance triplets. Along with effective builds and drops, as well as powerful vocal samples to amp up the energy even more, this track kicks the EP off in an impressive way.

Full of sound effects, with an enticing give and take of energy, as well as a few melodic touches, Vandeta moves on to “Digital Jungle,” the second track of this release. While staying within his signature style, the producer introduces some almost epic aspects in this piece of music. Both the playful and the grandiose are covered, bringing this versatile EP to a close.

“Savannah” will be out on Solar Tech Records on December 28th 2018.