The young protege Vandeta is proud to present his next EP, “Space Battle” on Solar Tech Records! The new EP includes two brand new tracks that llustrate the astounding growth and potential of Vandeta as an artist.

Starting with the release titled original track, “Space Battle,” this new release launches listeners deep into the far reaches of outer space with grooving hypnotic basslines, psychedelic stabs and atmosphere, and a seductive vibe that is sure to please even the most seasoned space cadets. Next, Vandeta presents his remix of fellow artist Nerso’s track, “Timeless.” Taking the driving ethereal journey of the original, Vandeta adds his own twist with a relentless pounding bassline, hypnotic synths and percussion, and atmosphere that goes on for light years!

Vandeta sets the quality bar high, showing that the future Psychedelic Trance is indeed bright! This is a must have for fans of mature, driving Progressive Psychedelic Trance!