Solar Tech is happy to present the next EP, entitled “Supernova,” from label artist, Vandeta. Vandeta, who hails from Israel, is the label’s youngest artist at only 18 years of age. With so much talent at a young age, he is sure to be a driving force in the Psychedelic Trance scene for years to come. The new EP starts out with the release titled “Supernova” which sets the energy bar high with driving and intense basslines, powerful and ethereal lead sounds, and energetic and uplifting percussion. Next, “Liquid Vortex” takes the mood a bit lighter with highlighted airy synths, and expressive storytelling breaks and microstructures. The track is perfectly suited for those uplifting moments on morning dance floors! The third and final track on the EP, “Prog Direction” keeps the energy driving forward. Melodies stay in focus here, but this time with a grittier and more tribal atmosphere. In many ways, it is the fusion of the vibes explored in the first two tracks. As a collection these three tracks are must haves for all fans of modern Progressive Psychedelic Trance and are sure to rip up dancefloors around the globe!