… featuring the original release titled track from Serbian progressive legend, Zyce. Along with three remixes by Solar Tech artists Chabunk, ITone, and Vandeta. Nikola Kozic, better known in the psychedelic trance community as Zyce is well known as one of today’s leaders in deep Progressive Psychedelic Trance.

Solar Tech Records is very happy to be working with an artist of such talent and inspiration. Each of the three included remixes highlight different aspects of the deeply emotional and trancey original mix, with each artist putting their unique spin on it. Chabunk is well known for their impeccable and unique sound, and this remix serves as a preview for their upcoming album. ITone is the new progressive solo project from one half of Solar Tech’s veteran act, Corona. Vandeta is the young new talent from Israel, recently added to the Solar Tech roster, with a bright future full of many releases ahead of him.

This collection gives listeners 4 mixes, each with an appropriate moment on the dance floor, making these an excellent choice for the DJ bag and music fans alike!