Solar Tech Records is proud to present the debut of a brand new musical duo that goes by the name, CeZZers! The duo is made up of Arie Siluk and Ran Shalev – hailing from the center of Israel. Their debut EP entitled, “Ctrl + X” is driving, upbeat, sets the perfect vibe for peak time psychedelic dance-floors! The EP starts off with the release titled track, “Ctrl + X.” From beginning to end, this track is driving, nonstop, and seductive. The track conveys a psychedelic story through pulsating rolling and funky spaced out bass grooves, mind-bending psychedelic textures and rhythms, and unique melodic atmospheres and Synthesizers. Next, “Watermelon Felon” continues the nonstop drive, psychedelic textures, and unstoppable rhythms – with a slightly more hectic and frantic vibe. The third track, “Two Fingers David” changes gears a bit. The groove and drive is still nonstop – but a bit more melodic and fun. The groove in this track is playful and melodic, and compliments the nonstop array of psychedelic squelches, wiggles, and scratches perfectly! Together these tracks present dancers with a healthy dose of nonstop high energy dance grooves – perfectly fitted for the psychedelic trance-floor! And as an artist debut, this EP demonstrates the unique talent and potential from these strong up and coming artists! You can look forward to much much more coming down the pipeline from CeZZers on Solar Tech Records!