CeZZers are back with a brand new EP entitled “Elevation.” This being their second EP released on their home label, Solar Tech Records, presents the next leap forward in their already promising musical career. The new EP consists of three tracks. Starting with the unique and beautiful, “Elevation” the tone is set to ethereal, moody, and melodic tones that lure the listener in deeper and deeper. This leads into ‘Butterfly” – a pumping progressive trance track filled with melodramatic melodies, intoxicating vocals, and psychedelic soundscapes that drive the track forward. The EP finishes off with “Strange Noise” – a funky but driving progressive track that continues the themes laid out in the previous two tracks. This final track adds in psychedelic speech samples and some truly “magical” noises which make this piece extra hypnotic and trancey. The result is something quite different than most other music, a breath of fresh air and uniqueness that is sure to find love on dance floors all around the globe. Grab your copy today!