N3XT – Scream

N3XT, the Brasilian-Israeli psytrance duo are back with a brand new EP entitled, “Scream.” The EP starts off with “Interfere,” – a truly psychedelic, progressive track, with just the right balance of oldschool and new school – perfect for psytrance enthusiasts of all sorts! Next up, the release titled track “Scream” takes the energy up a notch, but keeps the vibe and feeling consistent. The track drives with a groovy and spacey bass groove, and conveys a unique storyline through its use of psychedelic sounds, effects, and of course that signature “Scream” sample. “Scream” also combines influences both new and old, creating a haunting musical storyline that will stay with you long after you’ve left the event. So what are you waiting for?mGrab your copy today, available digitally from Solar Tech Records!

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